The Voie – First Book : the Beginning

  1. At the beginning of everything.
  2. Nothing existed, only Tera, looking at the chaos everything was.
  3. Tera, great illuminated, created the Divine in order to shape something out of the nothing.
  4. Tera named her creations and gave them the mission to create a world, while Tera was taking care of other worlds he created.
  5. The Divine went to work, and each of the seven created something.
  6. Gabereth, the great and first, created the Star, symbol of his radiance.
  7. Nubereth, the sage and second, created the Sky, symbol of his greatness.
  8. Kadireth, the beautiful and third, created the Country, symbol of his magnificence.
  9. Sanareth, the hermit and fourth, created the Rock, symbol of his devotion.
  10. Devereth, the industrious and fifth, created the Plants, symbol of his love.
  11. Fekireth, the kind and sixth, created the People, symbol of his generosity.
  12. Detareth, the sly and seventh, created the Nights, symbol of his wisdom.
  13. Gabereth, the most important between all, asked the Divine how should the world they created be named.
  14. Fekireth suggested Eluron, as it was the first sounds his creation made.
  15. Everybody agreed and this is how the world was named.
  16. Gabereth told the Divine that it would be good to explore Eluron.
  17. A day after the creation, the Divine found this world boring, so they decided to create people looking like them.
  18. Gabereth created the beings of Light, the People of the Sky.
  19. Nubereth created the beings of Wind, the People of the Vale.
  20. Kadireth created the beings of Water, the People of the Sea.
  21. Sanareth created the beings of Earth, the People of the Mounts.
  22. Devereth crated the beings of Time, the People of the Forest.
  23. Fekireth created the beings of Fire, the People under the Floor.
  24. Detareth created the beings of Darkness, the People of the Castles.
  25. Created so, the Divine lead their people to the enlightenment by taking the form of one of them sometimes and so show the truth.
  26. The Divine elected so pious people as angels in order for them to assist their mission.
  27. The Divine chose so a mortal which would have the power to suggest them some people for them to join the Brotherhood, which they named the Oracle.
  28. Seven days passed by, and the Divine decided to leave the Country to create two new worlds in order to assist Eluron.
  29. The First world being the Country, the Second was the After.
  30. It was named Nazara by Detareth and was decided world of the death.
  31. The Third world was the Brotherhood.
  32. It was named Videra by Gabereth and was decided world of the Divine and of the Brotherhood.
  33. The Divine worked on it for fourteen days, a week for each world.
  34. The seven next days were a time of rest, and the Divine feasted.
  35. Tera came back and saw the creation.
  36. Tera also saw all the defects of the people the Divine guided, and so destroyed them.
  37. The Divine, scared of such a power, repent but asked to recreate them.
  38. Tera was kind and recreated them, without any defect.
  39. Detareth, not happy about this choice, told Tera that Light is created by Darkness, and so is Virtue from Vice.
  40. Tera understood that and recreated the Nights, and saw how Virtue is created by Vice.
  41. Nubereth, with his great wisdom, was puzzled about this decision, and told Tera that the Vice will destroy the Country because of useless and endless wars.
  42. Tera decided so that only a tiny proportion of people could destroy others, and for holy goals.
  43. But Fekireth asked Tera and the Divine how would these people could be chosen.
  44. Kadireth, thanks to his observations, suggested that beauty would be how we could have holy powers, because he didn’t find a lot of people beautiful.
  45. Tera agreed and created this rule to all of Eluron.
  46. Eluron became so a subject of great awareness by Tera because she was curious of how a world with Vices could have even more Virtues than her other worlds.
  47. She asked so the Divine to make Virtue become even more important than in his other worlds.
  48. Tera left so and let the Divine do their holy quest.